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Endless Possibilities


Together with the right accessories, up to 80 per cent of food produced in professional kitchens can be prepared without difficulty on the Maestro Ovens Combi Steamer. Whether you want to steam, grill, fry, proof, bake or roast, every cooking method is covered with only one appliance. Produce superior cooking results in all foods with fast, even cooking. From our core temperature sensor to our low temperature steam and super-heated steam cooking, your Maestro Ovens Combi Steamer is the smartest addition to your kitchen.


Stainless steel 18/10 grade

construction with rounded

corners for easy cleaning.


Auto-reverse fan rotation

for uniform even heat

distribution. No tray rotation.


Door magnetic switch for

operator’s safety.


Double tempered glass

door with thermally

protective air gap and hinged

inner glass for easy cleaning.


Easily adjustable universal

grids for GN 1/1 and 600x400

mm trays.


Fully insulated oven chamber

made from highest grade

thermal insulation.

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game changer.jpg

Consistency and Standardization is a breeze


With 99 programs and six cooking cycles to set up in every program, operational standardization is a simple task, keeping the chef’s valuable time and efforts only focused in creating their art. Maestro Ovens Combi Steamers offer genuine flavor, color and consistency, no matter what your menu choice is. The result? Excellent food quality with flawless taste, always.


The Convection-Steam Harmony

Thanks to Maestro Ovens boiler-less high capacity direct steam injection system, fresh steam is produced on demand eliminating boiler problems found on most other combi-ovens. The combination of hot air cooking with steam gives cooking a whole new dimension. Because steam is a better medium for heat transfer than air, speedier cooking is achieved, accelerating cooking times by 25%. Steam also helps food retain its nutrients and weight. Moreover, it allows cooking at lower temperatures and keeps food tender and juicy. Flavors and appearance are strongly enhanced due to reduced moisture evaporation. 


Baking Uniformity Perfected

By more evenly distributing the oven’s heat with a reversible fan and a multiple fan system, all sides of baked goods bake to perfection. The butter in baked goods loses its moisture faster, becoming flakier and crisper. Cakes rise high and stay moist. Pastries have light, delicate brown crusts and rich centers. The removal of hot and cold spots and the insulating layer of air around the food mean better taste for baked goods.

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