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Pizza Deck Ovens

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Although baking on our convection and combi-steamer ovens is an unmatched experience, still having the flexibility and authenticity of a baking stone on a deck oven is a must. For that reason, we made a deck oven stackable under our ovens for your special pizza and direct stone baking needs. 


Limited Space, No Problem
Authentic Corderiete Pizza Stone

Designed for even heat transfer and moisture absorption, Maestro Ovens’ special Cordierite pizza stone will give your pizza a crispier crust and better tasting toppings. Other standalone pizza oven models available in single and double deck.

pizza oven 3 new panel retouched-1.png
pizza oven 3 new panel retouched.png


  • Special construction assures maximum baking uniformity. This allows to obtain a better quality pizza, eliminating the user's need for rotating the pizza, and consequently reducing working times

  • Cooking surface made of cordierite refractory material (18 mm thick),      which allow baking directly on the surface, as well as in trays.

  • Cordierite pizza/baking stone is FDA, RoHS, LFGB compliant

  • Free of heavy metals, cadmium, lead, as well as other harmful substance

  • Can withstand up to 1000 degrees Celcius

  • Full-view tempered glass door allowing for energy-efficient sight baking

  • Each deck brightly lighted with built in halogen lamp to ensure effective work lighting

  • Each deck operates independently with separately controlled ceiling and bed plates

  • Stainless steel oven front and door

  • Fully insulated deck design made from highest grade of thermal insulation

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